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Enhanced Expertise

New market developments and globalization such as e-Commerce have given great impetus to the travel and transportation industry. The world has now become smaller and more integrated, and consumers have the option of purchasing anything from anywhere, without stressing about logistics. In order to survive this highly competitive market, it is important for companies to develop tailored travel platforms that offer the best user experience, robustness, and quality. Our portfolio of solutions helps you maximize your business performance, which is ideal for deployment to a broad range of organizations within the transportation sector, from transport hubs to travel service providers.

Industry Challenges

The travel and transportation industry has a great responsibility to incorporate global and domestic economies, and finding ways of meeting the growing demand with ample supply is a major challenge for transport service providers. Transport companies must now take some important strategic decisions to increase profitability and growth. The industry has difficulties gathering and evaluating information for environmental targets, planning, tracking, and management. Live data collection has become important throughout the transport life cycle. Truck operators need an automated corrective solution to help realign empty containers. In this competitive market, businesses need more and more technologies that can communicate seamlessly in all B2B and B2C situations.

We Leverage The Power

Today, this industry sector faces major hurdles, such as constantly growing customer demands, keeping pace with the upcoming technologies, the effects of tax changes, risk assessment, and reduction, etc. With our experience and expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, we have put in place comprehensive IT strategies for our clients around the globe that specifically deliver the best business results in terms of budget, profitability, performance, customer satisfaction, revenue, and further business growth.

At Baxture, we are helping companies in the Travel & Transport sector to achieve insight, enhance business processes and provide constructive protections for IT applications. Improving current transportation management and transport solutions is important, as stagnation can prove hazardous in a continuously evolving global logistics services industry. We construct the service of connected travelers and optimize transportation to compete in a digital world. Our strategies can help you improve the consumer experience, logistics, prices, efficiency of the employees and shareholder value. We thus continuously invest in development in various sectors of the travel and transportation industry.

We build best-in-class transportation & travel technologies for our customers, which facilitates the preparation, implementation, and monitoring of the movement of goods, information and people across the supply chain. Our travel and logistics strategies help companies develop their operations and increase their return on investment.


The Travel & Transport software services that we provide are below:

Transport Management Software

All the transport-related Business operations majorly concerning the transportation of the supplies can be handled with our transport management software solutions that assure you to save time and keep you within budget. In fact, the flexibility and precision of travel applications provide you with suitable solutions for the respective areas. By deploying our transport management software, we ensure that the overall costs can be reduced by load optimization, better route planning, and tracking.

GPS tracking enabled system

GPS or global positioning system provides real time vehicle positions on the world map which helps businesses for smarter route planning, safety against cargo theft, prevent unauthorized vehicle use, reduced administrative burden, getting automated real time alerts, reduced fuel usage and increased productivity.

Route planning

GPS fleet tracking can also help identify the best and worst roads by reviewing details for past trips using the location history map. Fleet managers can optimize routes by identifying busy roads with location-based historical data. Optimizing routes can directly increase how efficient and productive drivers can be.

Comprehensive solution for managing vehicles maintenance

With GPS tracking solutions, you can automate fleet maintenance and create a safer, more convenient job experience for drivers. Emergency repairs and maintenance can cause enormous strain on your workers and finances. The features like service records, preventive maintenance, inspections, task management, monitoring help manage such issues.

Travel Application software

We are committed to providing innovative technologies and easy-to-access Internet booking engines to make the travel company a top priority for travelers. Our travel portal software solution is ideal for all forms of travel website creation companies. We provide integrations as per customer requirements.

Travel App Development

Ticket Booking System

Vacation Rental Solution

Hotel Booking Solution & Travel Guide Solution

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