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MVP, also known as Minimum Viable Product, is one of the elements that facilitate agility and assure successful proceeding of the process. We design our product development services to promote faster production of the software applications. We help businesses elevate their abilities by acquiring platform experience in advanced tools, implementation system frameworks, improving skills, and market viability. MVP is one of the outcomes of applying the agile process development methodology and the key element of preserving a certain degree of product versatility.

Through MVP, we make the end-user use the app and see if they are interested in the changes/updates that are provided through the product and its features. Once the user’s reaction is seen, you can be sure to remove functionality that was not of value to them and make changes according to their specifications. Also, we follow an agile process where the product released is tested by the end-users, and the feedback is collected so that changes can be made to the product during the further application.

MVP ( Minimum Viable Product) approach is followed at Baxture while engineering a product for our clients. MVP is a software application with basic functionalities to fulfill early clients and provide input on future product growth. MVP is the basic model of the software application that fulfills the primary goal. Also, MVP allows development team to run trials to decide how well to add value to the business/customer experience.

Product development process at Baxture

Identifying business and market needs

We have the right assortment of Business Analysts and Market Research Experts who work to ensure that your business idea can resonate through your final product and can deliver results by being targeted to the right audiences. Before initiating we ensure that ideas fit into the market and the target end-user's needs.

Expressing the idea about the product

We first introduce all the essential estimations of the product to its end-users like how will they buy the product, its benefit, its offerings, and why they should purchase it.

Design and define user flow

The application is designed keeping the end-users convenience as a primary approach. Everything is designed from the user’s perspective. Meanwhile, the user flow is also taken care of to ensure that nothing is missed. While defining the user flow all the steps are explained to reach the main objective.

Enlist the features

All the functionalities are enlisted that the company wants for its product before we start with creating the MVP. Then each feature is categorized as high, medium, or low priority.

Develop, Measure and Improve

The product is developed and tested after the completion of the development stage. The team of QA conducts the first stage of testing and improves the quality before the release. MVP, is then launched, and the end-users reaction is collected. Then, it is decided whether a product is suitable for the market, and if it competes with other products in the market on different parameters. The team then starts working on improvising the product, and the process continues until it gets finalized.

Building MVP

The market needs and main features are decided, MVP is created.

Our Prime product Engineering Services

We create online and offline software systems to help boost productivity for all our clients worldwide. Our software systems can be used in a huge variety of industries across different platforms. We provide our clients with software systems that can seamlessly work with the existing workforce thus enabling better productivity and synchronization at work.

We ensure these solutions by thoroughly researching your company's requirements to develop software that can fit all your business needs and at the same time generate more business to your company or organization.

We at Baxture understand that a website or web app is not just an online software but also a virtual extension of your real business that can be used to drive results to your business. Thus, we provide our team of highly efficient and experienced designers, developers and testers to take care of all your web app or website development needs from planning to creation to execution and optimization.

We ensure that all your web hosting problems are taken care of so you can focus on your business and let us take care of all the other issues be it the website bugs, errors or any other website related problems.

With mobiles being a more integral part of the everyday user, most businesses are turning towards developing the best quality applications to cater to the needs of the users and to be in close proximity with their users. Mobiles have not only increased the scope of gaining more engagement for users but also have come up with ways to deliver high-quality metrics for companies to track their users. Mobile apps help companies to interact with the end-users to create more effective systems that drive results to the customers.

With years of experience in creating mobile apps, we can now easily take care of all your custom app development needs to establish a solid mobile framework foundation to drive maximum results and help grow your organization.

We conclude the build features based on the above-generated data to create systems that can run effectively with no additional overhead costs. Thus, helping us create the perfect MVP for your company.

Importance Of MVP For Business

Create significant value efficiently while lowering costs and increasing profits of business

Check the software application in real market conditions

With MVP approach, we build an application that is put in the market, tested and improved, if required. It is highly useful to test the applications before putting them online. MVP is a full-scale evaluation of the most basic product in the real market scenario. This monitors communication with the target audience and analyses their experience with the product with particular attention to desires and demands.

Reduced time and product cost

We build applications by focusing only on the primary features of the product, this helps in saving time and cost of business that otherwise is required to launch the software application. When the product is pushed to market with enough and minimal primary features and it achieves success, the ROI of the company is rewarding and the released product is developed further. But if there are problems then it is put for improvements.

Focus on the core

The MVP software focuses on one concept and does not include any other feature. The MVP strategy is part of the concept of a lean startup, designed with a limited budget in a given time. Using some of the main features will reduce the cost of creating an app. The MVP helps the app to be checked at a minimum risk.


Why choose us?

Our team of highly efficient and motivated designers have years of experience in not only creating the best visual elements but also in maintaining relations with all our clients worldwide.

We at Baxture follow the most Agile processes in order to deliver you with the best quality design elements in the least amount of time. Thus, we are the best product engineering company and can help boost your business by delivering the best visual elements that are created by making use of the best tools and practices available in the industry today.

Our QA team ensures that the app operates as expected and that the interface elements of the app are displayed correctly on different devices.It aims to determine the performance and usefulness of the app for end-users. We check whether the app's interface is easy to navigate and the functionality is completely utilized.

Having a good quality UI/UX can help boost your brand by triggering the right emotions in your audience.The formation of a brand depends upon the emotional experience that is associated with the user.

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