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IT is one of the most up-to-date sectors of the industry

IT is one of the most up-to-date sectors of the industry, and new innovations are made nearly every day to boost process quality and optimize business operations.

In the ever-evolving technological world, change is the only constant; businesses that constantly adopt this change can not only successfully achieve results, but can also continually gain traction in their market.

Need for


Fix bugs and correct faults.
Accommodate software in such a manner that specific hardware, applications, network functions and telephone services can be used.
Performance enhancements.
Removal of retired software.
Interfacing with other systems.

Every program consists of some glitches or vulnerabilities that are not evident during the development stage. Our software maintenance services help companies stay online at all times regardless of the issues that they may face. We take complete responsibility to deliver software that is fault-free, so you won’t have to worry about your software or application. We achieve the above results by constantly trying to improve your software solution with our 24/7 service, repair, and optimization techniques.

Our Maintenance & Support services

Preventive maintenance & support services

Preventive support & maintenance services for software help to prevent potential bugs in the system. This form of servicing involves changes and improvements to avoid future software problems. This seeks to address issues that are not important at this point but may ascend in the future. We are able to efficiently assess the future needs and challenges of your program on the basis of

Feedback from customers.
Occurances that happened in the past.
Corrective maintenance & support services

The existing faults in the software application needs to be rectified to make it function more efficiently. Our team of software maintenance offers any and all remedial services for applications and repairs bugs in little or no time, which include bug fixes due to bad programming, or a major system overhaul if the problem is advanced. Bugs may also occur in the event of improvements to the hardware, OS or other related aspects of the device. Our maintenance service includes checking to diagnose a malfunction and administer a patch without disrupting the rest of the system.

Perfective maintenance and support

Refining all the components, functionalities and skills needed to improve performance ability, the usability of the software and system operations in order to bring it up to the client’s expectations before launching it is all about Perfective maintenance. It clearly ranges from updating the programming Interface and making it more attractive and user-friendly, to making revolutionary improvements to the core code to boost runtime and performance.

Adaptive maintenance and support

The software environment is constantly evolving, and regular modification is needed to keep it compatible with changing technology and business environment. To ensure that the software application adapts to the new developments we make all the possible changes to the existing software with our Adaptive maintenance and support services like localization changes, the introduction of new and improved operating systems, policies, changes in data format, and reconfiguration of hardware. Our goal is to keep the software application fresh and increase it's lifespan.

Our Services

We boath to provide effective results for all your business needs regardless of the magnitude or complexity of the problems faced.


Got your software developed but need assistance to keep it running at all times? Call our technical experts and let us know about your queries and we will ensure that you are always online and making good business.


We at Baxture have our very own dedicated support team who are always ready to respond to all your queries and work on them. We provide 24/7 support assistance to cater to all your business needs.


Want to keep your product up to date with the latest tech? Contact our optimization experts who take care of the entire product upgradation and optimization process at the least time.


Why choose us?

With years of experience in developing successful applications and software, we understand the need for having the right support, maintenance and optimization needs and thus have the perfect team to help ensure that your software and applications remain online at all times with our bug detection, bug removal, software maintenance, and other optimization techniques.

We provide the best in class post-development services to help you focus on your business while we take care of any other issues that may arise in your software or application. We at Baxture strongly believe in achieving performance not only by creating the best quality apps and services but also by ensuring that your company remains online regardless of whatever issues you may come across. We provide Annual, Full-time/Part-time and Scope based support and maintenance options.

With our support, optimization and maintenance services
you can now be sure to gain the below mentioned results for your business

Secure & Stable

Our Support & Maintenance experts ensure that your software or application is designed in a way to prevent instability or security issues over time. We consider security and stability as our prime concern while developing and deploying any software or application to help keep your data secure and available at all times.


Minimal Downtime

We understand what a five-minute downtime can do to your business. So, our support and maintenance teams work tirelessly to ensure that your software or application does not have to face any downtime regardless of the complexity or magnitude of the issues.

High Performance

We create applications and software that not only help you scale your business but also are tweaked to provide the best performance. We have the perfect team of support, maintenance and optimization experts who ensure that your software or application performs at its very best at all times.


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