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We provide innovative real estate services to enhance relationships between consumers and developers, as well as increase productivity and cost savings.


Innovations in Real Estate

Innovation has not only changed the entire real estate industry, but it also makes things distinctive from the point of view of buyers and sellers. The real estate business sector is gradually being redefined by ever-changing market dynamics and changes in consumer trends.

We Leverage The Power

At Baxture, we understand the challenges and complexities of the construction and real estate business. We offer the best ideas and the most successful strategies to help businesses overcome challenges in the real estate sector. We help clients make informed choices to achieve a competitive advantage through risk management, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

We offer outstanding software solutions to streamline commercial, business, valuation and other related services of real estate companies. The responsive mobile apps and websites help real estate professionals create leads and maximize ROI. Our experience in project management, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the industry, allows us to support real estate in all aspects like - real estate CRM software, property management software, online property booking portal developed by us lets clients handle property listings and provides customer-centric solutions.

Challenges faced by the Industry

Every real estate property is unique in terms of venue, product characteristics, pricing, post-sales services, and other services. It is a very challenging task for a real estate developer to meet the right audience or attract prospective buyers and showcase interest by placing the differentiators in a dignified manner.

Property-related choices that buying is economy-intensive and owners appear to have a number of interactions with developers prior to completion. Keep track of all these interactions, evaluate the results of each encounter and take appropriate action to promote the transfer of lead-to-customer.

For buyers having a wide option to choose from, to get buyers who are willing to pay a premium for a particular property, it is important for developers to take a ' value-selling ' approach instead of a ' commodity-selling ' approach.

With every real estate developer handling a number of projects, handling lead generation strategies for different projects efficiently and controlling leads for each project, evaluating leads systematically, seeking cross-selling opportunities is a major challenge.

Some of our Real Estate software services are:

Real Estate CRM

Real Estate Industry is one of the major industries involved in dealing with uncertain marketing trends and significant spending as a result of its high demand for residential and commercial projects. The real estate company is bound to address various challenges such as project financial planning, project management, unorganized money flow, regulatory compliance and a dynamic pricing environment.

The solution that we provide helps you manage leads, track lead generation, manage contacts, upload documents and contracts, and stay on top of real estate trends by providing you with seamless services. It reduces the time wasted in improving the personalization of your communication.

One-stop information database

Our real estate CRM programs help you organize all client data effectively. This would be your one-stop information database for all leads and existing clients. Your team will have access to all of this data enabling them to take corrective actions during the process of customer engagement to closing of the deal. By using our solution, you will remain coordinated, locate assets and retain and interact with future, present, and former customers.

Contract and transaction management

Our real estate CRM software would allow you to upload contracts, monitor deadlines for payments, and provide access to documents to people who are part of the transaction. Any information regarding renewal of the lease, lease termination and related paperwork can be well maintained. With our software allowing you to set reminders you will never have to miss out on anything that is important to you. Also, timely reminders can be sent out to the ones who need to make payment to you, which will create a good business relationship.

Better customer service

Our custom software solution will offer you a great experience to current and future customers. The features in a real estate CRM tool allow you to centralize and facilitate customer interactions. This will improve user experience, engagement, and will result in highly satisfied customers. You can transmit information to your clients based on their needs via newsletters. Besides that, you can also store personal information about your clients such as birthdays, anniversary dates, and you can congratulate them on these occasions to boost their engagement with your company. Our custom real estate software development includes the features needed that help you serve your customers better.

Plan effective promotional campaigns

Through the information that you will have about all your leads and the existing customers it will make it easy to plan your promotional campaigns effectively. You will be able to set standing instructions which enable you to send wishes to clients on their birthdays, anniversaries or any special day. Having a detailed portfolio of your clients helps you to identify your target customers and build your promotional campaigns around the same.

Reports and Analysis

Our real estate CRM software will help you generate reports. These reports can be in the form of yearly, monthly, quarterly and daily format. Reports and analysis will show you the progress that you have made as per the targets you had set at the beginning of the year. Reports also provide feedback on the adopted strategies which let you know how effective the medium of advertisement or communication was. This will help you as a company change or alter your promotional strategies like changing the subject line on a mail, making it more action oriented and eliminating the things that did not work well.

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