Cloud Infrastructure
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Our cloud solutions facilitate its users in improving disaster recovery and
reliability. Minimize IT budget by protecting & transitioning company to the cloud.


Era Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is using computing resources like computing power and data storage over the internet without the involvement of any physical computing resources by the user. By logging in from any device that has the internet, users can access and make modifications to the data. The applications and data that reside in the cloud are distributed over the global network of secure central servers.

This can help boost your business performance with our custom-made and integrated cloud computing services. Our team of cloud consultants and researchers helps create the perfect plan for your cloud hosting and maintenance needs. The need for improvements in IT services and expertise is growing as a result of the change in technology. It is daunting for businesses to maintain and track the IT network. Baxture offers reliable IT infrastructure control and management services to 24*7 organizations.

Seamless cloud solution to boost agility and promote growth

Disaster Recovery

There is no way to prevent or anticipate disasters that lead to downtime in providing service which further leads to low productivity and revenue. But our custom-made cloud-based services provide faster data recovery for all emergency situations. Failure of data can have a severe financial effect on companies and can even ruin their reputation due to a loss of consumer trust. Proper preparation and drawing up a strategy to deal with potential accidents are therefore necessary to minimize the negative effects on an organization in the long term. The cloud-based data-protection services we provide are Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

Automatic Updates Can Be Easily Accessed

The system is regularly updated with the latest version of the technology from the cloud service provider. Cloud computing providers help businesses retain infrastructure and handle everything from security updates to daily management opening up the company's resources for more important tasks.


Unlike the traditional servers, cloud security routes traffic to the cloud instead of directly routing them to servers, and the cloud checks and analyses the traffic and blocks the unapproved traffic from getting to the server. There is also an option of private cloud, that separates the client applications from unauthorized traffic exposure


When the demands of the business increases, nodes are added to increase the storage space,and a number of servers. Also, the nodes can be reduced when the increased requirement is reduced. The servers can be resized with no change in the code. Cloud Computing is an efficient way of using services as it does not require buying a license and works on the “pay-as-you-use” model.

Our Services

We both to provide effective results for all your business needs regardless of
the mangnitude or complexity of the problems faced

Cloud Strategy Planning

We perform a thorough assessment of your existing systems to provide you with hassle-free cloud migration, updating, and compliances. With our cloud strategists, you can be sure to find the fastest route and clear road-map to cloud migration. The three phases followed at Baxture are

  • Strategic Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Deployment Phase
Cloud Migration

We provide the most effective migration services to help migrate huge workloads of data, web applications, and in-house frameworks with zero downtime, disruption, or data loss. Helping you securely migrate your data to your preferred cloud platform (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure) with ease.

  • Plan for migration
  • Select the cloud environment
  • Migrate applications and review
Cloud Application Development

With our expertise in various cloud software development services, you can be sure to get your application developed at ease. Our team of cloud software development experts helps grow your business rapidly across all verticals with ease. Using the cloud for application creation has proved to be a superior tool compared to traditional approaches. The cloud has more redundancies than the on-site system, including multiple storage locations and multiple copies of applications. Compared with conventional hosting styles, this reduces the risk of data loss.

Cloud_security_&_ management_services
Cloud security and management services

Our cloud-based security experts guide you through the entire process while following the best practices and protocols to ensure that your cloud system is set up securely while providing secure data transfer and management. We strictly follow the enforcement guidelines set by cloud-based security to ensure the safety of the database. We are bound by laws and regulations to maintain high levels of privacy and identity security for our clients. Also, it provides data access through encryption and has software to handle a private cloud if a company has confidential information that needs maximum protection.

SaaS Implementations

Using cloud services, we build SaaS-based software solutions to offer the highest performance level, scalability, and availability. It provides a smooth user experience and ease of control.

Why choose us?

Cloud Consulting & Development

Obtain the full potential of cloud computing through our cloud management and consulting services. Build more reliable systems that make your company more profitable.

Cloud Computing

Make use of the internet to store, retrieve or manipulate data that has been stored on the remote server. Use cloud computing to store, update or access data seamlessly with no location bounds.

Lower IT costs

Moving your IT Infrastructure with us will help you save massive amounts on your hardware, software, optimization, and maintenance charges.

Expand your reach

With cloud computing, you can now grow your business across all verticals while significantly reducing IT Infrastructure leveraging time and cost.

Boost productivity

Create a single point of contact for all your clients, employees, and partners to share information and connect at the same time effectively.

Leading Cloud Platforms we use

Microsoft Azure

Azure is the second most sought-after cloud computing platform holding 30% of the global market share. Azure serves a vast majority of Fortune 500 companies and other big companies, making it one of the most reliable cloud computing platforms in the world. Unlike AWS; Microsoft Azure provides services across platforms like IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS(Platform as a Service). It is used by Adobe, Fujifilm, HP, and other notable companies for their cloud integration and management services.

Google Cloud

Being a market giant in the digital industry, Google has also come up with its own version of the cloud by the name Google Cloud. The services offered by Google Cloud are affordable and easily accessible due to its broad reach in the digital sector. It is also highly efficient with the least downtime history making it one of the most reliable cloud hosting platforms. Google Cloud mainly focuses on providing services for small and medium-sized companies. Though Google cloud provides a mere 60 services compared to 200 services provided by AWS and 100 by Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Service

AWS is a comprehensive cloud computing platform developed by Amazon. AWS is currently the global leader as it holds more than 40% of the worldwide market by delivering services across platforms like IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service), and SaaS(Software as a Service). Companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Samsung, and Unilever are making use of Amazon Web Services to meet their business needs.


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