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Technology is the foundation of eCommerce. It not only helps connect retailers and consumers to mobile and web networks but also allows the effective handling of customer orders, transactions, refunds and payments for purchased goods. With the boom in e-commerce, customer purchase patterns have changed dramatically. eCommerce & Retail is one of the most dynamic industries.

The market has become intense with online merchants offering new functionality to attract buyers. As a result, companies are now looking for a fast operating process, a flawless portal with a fast web page loading and a reliable e-commerce website development company. The retailers are expected to provide a reliable and fast service round the clock due to a large number of customers and their changing demands. This calls for reliable IT solutions that can cater to the unique needs of customers.

Industry Challenges

We Leverage The Power

We develop new eCommerce and retail software products from scratch, along with tailored CMS-based solutions. Our end goal for clients is to enhance the user experience, boost growth and accelerate business processes in line with new trends across user-centric, interactive, flexible, and high-performance eCommerce applications and portals.

Our experienced eCommerce and retail tech professionals guarantee a quicker time in the market and improved customer engagement, optimizing the economic value of our clients. The eCommerce & Retail software services that we provide are below -


Empower your eCommerce platforms with our innovative features and functionalities

Retail eCommerce and Enterprise Mobile Applications

Our eCommerce development solutions fill the gap between companies and customers and maintain a strong brand image for B2B and B2C portals. As one of the leading providers of eCommerce solutions, Baxture is building competitive eCommerce platforms for companies through widespread industry verticals. The utter benefit of the creation of the retail shopping app is its personalized offerings and the standard design framework of a typical online retailer.

Catalog available for search;

Search with smart filter;

A detailed description of all products, variable payment modes;

Geolocation-awareness search;

Client communication through push-notifications, and many more.

Cloud Solutions for Retail Industry

With our cloud-hosted solutions, all the industry problems that are mentioned below -

You can get rid of all the concerns relevant to inventory management. With the cloud, it is tracked in real-time with every single purchase and can review the stock status at any time and the same can be achieved for several store inventories.

Renowned POS applications will be able to process data faster. As the business grows, cloud configurations can be updated to satisfy the business requirements of smooth checkout at one or more retail stores.

With our cloud hosting service customized to your specific business needs, you can save a good deal of money. Such a solution covers POS database management, data storage, IT support, and updates needed.

Real-time data synchronization is feasible by using specialized cloud-based POS systems. Additional stores can be easily added to the POS management system when a new store is operational and available to customers. We ensure that you continue to focus on business growth, by storing all generated data on remote servers.

Retail Inventory and Management Software

Our seamless stock/inventory system streamlines inventory optimization, Centralized record-keeping, order fulfillment, Track movement, expiration dates, monitoring, and keeping the item data secure at all times.

Integration with ERP, CRM, SAP, etc

At Baxture, we realize that every company is different and that every customer needs a variety of features within its eCommerce solution.

With our integration solution, users can access/update their accounts online 24/7, and also will be able to check their invoices, their order history, real-time price, and real-time stock availability.

M-Commerce Apps

Complete eCommerce solution for businesses, Fully Customizable E-Store Design, Coupon, and Inventory Management. Our dedicated eCommerce experts offer seamless innovation and omnichannel solutions to deliver a personalized consumer experience to end-users. A well-built retail or eCommerce solution eliminates time-consuming tasks while streamlining inefficient internal processes. With this, in particular, our group of engineers will help to manage inventory, requests, delivery of goods, and scheduling effectively, as well as human resources.

We build Customer Loyalty to develop deep consumer relationships and add value to the customer's business. Baxture's strategies for B2B eCommerce help improve operational efficiency and reduce the sales cycle. We build state-of-the-art CMS and eCommerce applications for B2C eCommerce businesses to boost their online sales operations.

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