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Actively encouraging learning through technology, integrated solution for setting
up online courses, and simple solution for tutors and students to start learning.


E- education

The global education sector is undergoing massive change due to emerging technological innovations, government regulations, student mobility, and so on. The ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, easy access to the web, and social networking provided a great opportunity for the education industry to deliver content in digital form.

Technological advancements in the field of education are needed, as more and more people are now searching for ' desktop ' lessons and switching from their traditional way of learning such as notebooks or computers to their tablets and mobile phones to learn while on the go.

Whether it's a stand-alone training program or an extended curriculum,

at Baxture we offer solutions customized specifically to your needs.

Using our programs, you can impart education in both traditional and contemporary schooling, and our approaches can be helpful for professors, administrators, and learners. Our multi-skilled team then integrates their knowledge and experience in popular development tools with the best technology to create engaging and impactful e-learning courses.

We develop a wide variety of educational software like e-learning, management, and online training modules, opening up new ways of learning to students and educational institutions. Our systems help companies provide information, manage users and perform online processes like examinations, surveys and tutorials for the end-users and help them yield better ROI and higher levels of engagement as well as helping a lot of students across for improving their chances at competitive exams.

Challenges faced by Education

Administrative operations often are carried on paper and files.

Establishing an integrated platform for various age groups and knowledge sets.

Resources for a learner like learning materials and educator and, lack of mobility.

Collaboration problem between education centers, learners, and parents.

How we can help you

Cloud-based application for teachers

By implementing cloud computing it becomes easy to bring together educators and learners on a unified platform. Educational institutes or Training centers need not own, buy, and maintain their own data centers and servers. Our solutions for cloud-based education and training are virtual classrooms, virtual training labs, trackability, sharability, better accessibility, and greater reach for learners with minimum hardware requirements.

Online educational institute Management System

Under this software, educational institutions can streamline their operations like maintaining records of students, courses, offerings, events, etc. We can also integrate communication channels for sharing updates with learners.

E-learning software solution

Baxture provides a complete online learning management system software that allows individuals, businesses, and educators/trainers to develop, maintain and distribute their online training courses at ease. Our adaptive learning platform uses a carefully designed and adaptable approach, making it a more flexible, accurate, safe, and easy-to-use e-learning software to suit your particular learning needs. We offer -

Custom e-learning solution

Corporate e-learning solution

Content-conversion solution

Game-based learning solution

Training solution

Baxture provides the most comprehensive solution for streamlining your task from request to invoice. Automating administrative processes and allowing real-time tracking from a common and efficient interface, we enable training organizations to get rid of fragmented and inconsistent resources to increase efficiency and profitability. Baxture’s Training Management Software lets you benefit from best practices, available in the cloud or on-premises. We offer -

Performance tracking, keep a record of employees, certification, competencies, etc.

Corporate IT training like- skill updating program, post-recruitment orientation program, certification program.

Post training support, Comprehensive methodology, customization of training programs.

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