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Medical Software

Medical software is essential for the healthcare sector, as it allows health service providers to track and control healthcare companies and patient data. The healthcare sector of the 21st century is influenced by technological advances and automation. Developments in the health industry are closely linked and global trends in culture. Technology is gradually finding a place in people's fitness routines. This technology goes from smartphones to wearables to booking systems.

We Leverage The Power

We at Baxture design tools that can tailor all the needs and manage big data of different organizations in the healthcare industry and bring productivity and efficiency. From fitness apps to wearable devices, we create technological solutions to complex health and fitness related problems. Our deep knowledge and expertise in the Health & Fitness Industry have helped us create the best solutions for all our clients worldwide. We serve the following sectors in the healthcare industry:

Baxture leverages the power of mobile and web technology to build holistic wellness systems for doctors, clinics, and other medical professionals. Our services help improve healthcare facilities, maximize efficiency and income, and boost the quality and treatment of patients. We create products that aim to provide value-based services for all entities throughout this sector and ease the information flow from all directions.

The Healthcare software services that we provide are below

Medical practice management solution

This healthcare software deals with day-to-day operations and automates clinical workflows. With this, Medical providers can access and monitor patient information (such as diagnostics and procedures) and manage policy and payment information. This software helps in storing the electronic patient data maintained by staff, scheduling helps in maintaining a record of the patient’s visits and supports in financial management. As a result, it enhances patient satisfaction, allows healthcare providers to focus on patient care and quality.

Electronic health record software

The electronic version of the patient's medical records collected by the doctor over time and may include all important administrative clinical data related to the diagnosis of the particular person, including profiles, progress information, complications, medicines, vital signs, past medical background, immunizations, diagnostic results, and radiology reports. It helps the medical providers to send prescriptions to patients or pharmacies electronically. Cost-savings, improved patient treatment, reduced errors and increased efficiency are the advantages of using this medical software.

Hospital management software

We build services that support multiple operations in the management of the hospitals like maintaining schedules of various doctors, managing inventory, billing systems, and modules for security staff. In addition to its robust features, we make it very easy to use, so that it can be easier for general hospital and administration staff to make good use of it without any complications. It is built for three user groups: patients, healthcare and administration personnel, and third parties such as medication manufacturers and insurance companies.

Integration with third-party systems

We incorporate custom solutions for ERPs, fitness apps, health insurance websites, HRM tools, etc. We offer a wide range of healthcare mobility services from consulting to developing a fully-featured mHealth system. We select world-renowned hosting servers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc. for secure data storage.

Fitness and Workout Industry

The fitness market has developed from a non-structured industry to a more integrated marketplace of qualified facilitators, appropriate equipment, and routines that make it easier for people to get into exercise as an organized, daily activity. Increasing technology has contributed to the launch of applications that have taken the world by storm. There are a variety of apps that are completely dedicated to fitness. Using these applications, end-users can meet various expert fitness nutritionists and can also get a range of health and fitness tips to get fit and healthy. A range of sensor built-in sports accessories are so trendy that they have also become the primary fitness tracker and companion of the users.

Gym/Fitness club management software

We provide software solutions for fitness club management & online gym management system which is built with advanced and latest digital technology, that can handle administration & clients. Easy-to-use apps would allow a beginner or a non-tech individual to use their health club membership management system quite effectively.

Gym Billing Software, Online Booking, POS System

Membership Management

Class and Diet Scheduling

Fitness Equipment Management

Attendance tracking, Customer & trainer management

Fitness apps & Wearables

Baxture provides you with design services to meet today's demands in the production of wearable devices. With a wealth of knowledge in computer innovation, we serve all your technology needs.

Fitness Tracker - Assessments Tracking, Client Management & Online Bookings

Workout Tracking - Mobile apps for clients and trainers with notifications & SMS reminders

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