We have specialists who tailor hospitality software solutions to
satisfy the increasing technological needs of the hotel industry.


Digital Hospitality

The digital era today has profoundly revolutionized the way people plan their journeys. Due to huge competition, the sustainability and success of Hospitality firms rely on tailored offerings and excellent guest experience before, during, and after travel.

We Leverage The Power

Faced with new competition, hotels are under pressure to develop new development strategies. A key aspect of this approach is to reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency without reducing the level of customer service. Hotels also need better visibility and command over the distribution of inventories to handle prices more efficiently. There is a need to work with experienced players who can help them do all of this.

There is a need for hospitality technology services, websites, and SEO as the hospitality sector is gaining momentum and growing rapidly along with the increasing demand for a luxurious lifestyle. While people can not be physically present in a venue, they can conveniently schedule activities like booking lodges ahead so that they don't have to face any difficulties afterward.

Baxture has been instrumental in developing ideas that have made it possible for client hotels to remain a step ahead of the competition at all times and to appreciate the continuing patronage of their current customers. Our experienced team of hospitality software developers and designers have been leveraging the ability of the most advanced technologies and systems to create a number of IT solutions that appeal to a wide range of hospitality sectors, such as hotels, resorts, travel agencies, restaurants, etc., with a strong focus on maximizing time and overall RoI turnover. Based on user requirements, our solutions show a seamless integration with the latest developments in the IT world, such as cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, etc.

Industry Challenges

Skilled labor shortages, attrition of staff and inconsistent working hours

Revenue and Booking challenges

Regular innovation and continued Technological changes

Constant changing expectations of customers

Security challenges

The Hospitality software services that we provide are below:

CRM / ERP System

We provide the ultimate management solution for hotels to sustain service, and customer relationship management and aid in an efficient decision-making process. Our solution with ERP software will help you

Save, update, manage and edit all your guest records, simultaneously securely save it on cloud servers and then help you better serve your guests around the clock.

Easy to use various business modules like inventory, finance, and purchase, etc. and

Include real-time room capacity, check-ins, and check-outs, estimation of payments, delivery options, etc. to help you plan and manage your payment.

Track each kitchen order and service, room service status, customer check-outs, etc.

Hotel POS system with the following features

Touch-enabled application for multiple sales counters for front office management.

Inventory management, Labor management, Catering management.

Restaurant Gift & loyalty systems can increase the transparency of guest priorities, enable restaurants to capitalize on trends and offer targeted promotional offers based on profits and customer data.

Hospitality Operations Management

With Baxture's hotel front desk software you can easily and incredibly centralize all functions of the hotel front desk into a single workplace. With tools and quick access to data, it makes browsing simpler for users and helps them to do more with less effort. Our tailor-made on-site cloud solutions are aimed to meet the needs of all hotels in the front office. Get all the guest reviews on a single screen, see the heat feedback tracker, grasp and boost guest satisfaction ratings through this front desk program.

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