Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
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Stay at the top of your game with our consistent and customer centric quality assurance services.

Using a system that always runs into problems can get frustrating and may also lead to software being discarded by multiple users. To resolve these issue testing activities must be carried out on the system that can detect the performance and runtime errors over time. These testing operations not only help discover the errors before time but also ensure that the products are delivered with minimal errors.

Thus, Quality Assurance is the set of all the testing operations that are carried out on a system to ensure that the system faces minimal downtime while effectively performing all the pre-defined activities with ease.

“Software testers do not make software; they make existing softwares better.”

Our Quality Assurance methods help companies constantly improve their performance online by making use of the most secure methods to ensure that the software or application is bug and error free.
We at Baxture have the most dedicated and motivated team of software testers who can make use of the latest testing methods to solve all the bugs and errors faced by our clients. Our software testers are well versed in all the latest and varied testing options to deliver the client with the best results.

Types of Testing Services we offer

Functional Testing

• Unit testing

• Integration testing

• System testing

• Sanity testing

• Interface testing

• Regression testing

• Beta/Acceptance testing

• Smoke testing
Non-Functional Testing

• Performance Testing

• Usability testing

• Compliance testing

• Localization testing

• Compatibility testing

• Install testing

• Recovery testing

• Reliability testing

• Load testing

• Stress testing

• Volume testing

• Security testing

Our Solutions

Automation Testing

This process includes the use of testing software's that run the system onto a virtual user which helps detect many basic bugs and errors in the system. Automation testing can be carried out by defining the test cases using Java programming methods to drive results automatically.

Manual Testing

Not all bugs and errors can be detected automatically, and thus we have our team of software testers who run multiple manual tests to ensure that the software is entirely bug-free and functions smoothly.

We at Baxture provide QA Services to deliver the best quality results to your customers, so you won't have to worry about any.

Difference between Automation Testing & Manual Testing

Automation Testing

  • It saves a lot of time and money in comparison with manual testing methods.

  • It is difficult to test for multilingual sites manually.

  • Automated testing does not require human intervention. You can run automated test round the clock with no additional costs. (24/7)

  • Automated testing significantly increases the speed of execution.

  • Manual testing can become tedious and hence error-prone.

Manual Testing

  • Manual testing methods can be used to evade loops or holes that occur in automated testing.

  • Many software errors cannot be detected by a machine and need Human intervention to be discovered and resolved.

  • Some scenarios are not technically feasible for automation and can cost too much to be automated.

  • Manual testing helps understand the problem better to create plans or methods to minimize future errors.

Why choose us?

We at Baxture ensure tireless delivery of our quality assurance services to cater the below mentioned requirements of our clients

We help Accelerate Digital Transformations

At Baxture we provide methods to transform existing business for all our clients worldwide with our dedicated quality assurance services.

Attain market leadership in the ever expanding Digital World

We help clients attain a higher position in the ever expanding digital market by making use of the latest technological trends and advancements.

Achieve results with better quality and speed

Our quality assurance services help you significantly increase your business speed and quality to help boost your business across all domains.

Be known as a trend-setter in the market

Gain competitive advantage by developing new methods, softwares and applications to effectively gain more results from the ever growing market.

Key Benefits of Quality Assurance

Reduced bugs and errors help increase the user interactions with the system or application.

Increase the overall quality and speed of the software or application by fixing the bugs and optimizing the system.

Boost your business by delivering the most user friendly software and applications that your end users would love to make use of.

Save huge chunks of time and money by solving bugs and errors that can pile up to breakdown the entire software or application in the long run.

Increase client interactions by delivering systems that don’t run into errors.


  • What is testing?

    Testing is the process of performing manual and automated testing methods to ensure that software or application is free of all the different kinds of bugs and errors.

  • How to choose the right testing method?

    We at Baxture have years of experience in providing manual and automated testing solutions, and thus you can leave this problem too us. Our team of highly experienced testers will help find the most feasible solution to test your software or application effectively.

  • What are the advantages of testing?

    Testing helps discover all sorts of bugs and errors in the systems which if found early enough can help save huge chunks of time and money for businesses.

  • What is the difference between Manual and Automation Testing?

    In manual testing, the operations are carried out by a human user while in automation testing the operations are performed using different testing tools.

  • What tools do you use for Automation Testing?

    The different tools used for automation testing are Zephyr, Ranorex, Testcraft, Automai Appverify, Squish, Leapwok, LambdaTest, Mabl, TestArchitesct, Functionize.

  • How early testing affects product costs?

    Initial testing can help discover most of the bugs and errors in the system which can be resolved before the software goes online thus preventing loss of time and money in the future.