Product Engineering

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We provide the best in class product engineering solutions to help virtually boost your business with mobile, web and offline applications or software’s.

Product Engineering generally refers to all the disciplines that are carried out in order to develop a product by following a predefined approach.
In basic terms Product Engineering is the process of developing, designing and testing different kinds of systems like software’s, applications and websites.
At Baxture we follow the MVP approach while engineering a product for our clients. MVP also known as the Minimum Viable Product refers to the software’s or applications which contain all the core functionalities while containing some very basic design components.
The MVP approach is highly useful in creating basic applications and software's for idea testing, usability testing, and prototyping.

"You can mass-produce hardware; but you cannot mass-produce software; you just cannot mass-produce the human mind."

Product Engineering includes all the online and offline software and applications like Websites, Web-apps, Mobile Applications, Management Software’s and many other systems. These systems help business automate some of their core functions to help save time and money. Some of these systems can be used to create software’s and applications that drive more results for our clients globally.

At Baxture we follow the MVP approach to provide you with the best solutions by closely analyzing your business. MVP Systems are highly useful when the requirement is to create software’s or applications which need to be tested before making them online for the end user. These tests could include, market strategy planning, scalability tests and other performance oriented tests.

Our Solutions

MVP Systems help save huge amounts of time and money by making sure that the system developed would turn to be a success in the ever changing market.

Following the MVP approach helps us test if the developed project will be appealing to the target audience. Thus, giving us the opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of a particular system, software or application.

Our research and development teams regularly study the market to decide if the developed product would fit the ever changing market trends.

Acquiring a client base and find early adopters for the product is highly cost effective by following the MVP Approach. It highly yields in attracting investors early by making use of the prototype instead of the final product.

Product Development Process

Identifying the Business and Market needs

We have the right assortment of Business Analysts and Market Research Experts who ensure that your business idea can resonate through your final product and can deliver results by being targeted to the right audiences.

We achieve the above results by setting up the long term goals and by also setting up parameters to analyze if the developed MVP would turn out to be a successful product.

Mapping out the path

We ensure the entire process is carried out in a very organized manner by creating long term and short term goals for every step. This not only enables us plan ahead but also helps us design the final MVP in the least amount of time and with no further delay.

Following the gain and loss method

We conclude the build features based on the above-generated data to create systems that can run effectively with no additional overhead costs. Thus, helping us create the perfect MVP for your Company, Organization or Startup.

Why choose us?

Our product development specialists at Baxture ensure that the idea is executed by following the leanest path instead of following the mainstream method where the ultimate goal is to provide value to the company with proper research and development.

We at Baxture follow a specific set of methods to create the perfect MVP system for your Company, Organization or Startup. Our team of highly experienced developers have in depth knowledge about the latest trends in the market to help create the most premium software’s and applications for all our clients worldwide.

With our team of researchers and developers we can deliver the best quality product engineering solutions to cater all your varied business needs across all verticals.

Our Prime Product Engineering Services

Software Development

We create online and offline software systems to help boost the productivity for all our clients worldwide. Our software systems can be used in a huge variety of industries across different platforms. We provide our clients with software systems that can seamlessly work with the existing workforce thus enabling better productivity and synchronization at work.

We ensure these solutions by thoroughly researching on your company's requirements to develop software that can fit all your business needs and at the same time generate more business to your company or organization.

Website or Web-App Development

We at Baxture understand that a website or web app is not just an online software but also a virtual extension of your real business that can be used to drive results to your business. Thus, we provide our team of highly efficient and experienced designers, developers and testers to take care of all your web app or website development needs from planning to creation to execution and optimization.

We ensure that all your web hosting problems are taken care of so you can focus on your business and let us take care of all the other issues be it the website bugs, errors or any other website related problems.

Mobile Application Development

With mobiles being a more integral part of an everyday user, most businesses are turning towards developing best quality applications to cater the needs of the users and to be in close proximity with their users. Mobiles have not only increased the scope of gaining more engagement for users but also have come up with ways to deliver high quality metrics for companies to track their users. Mobile apps help companies to interact with the end users to create more effective systems that drive results to the customers.

With years of experience in creating mobile apps we can now easily take care of all your custom app development needs to establish a solid mobile framework foundation to drive maximum results and help grow your organization.

Finalizing on the build features

We conclude the build features based on the above-generated data to create systems that can run effectively with no additional overhead costs. Thus, helping us create the perfect MVP for your Company, Organization or Startup.


  • What is an MVP?

    MVP generally stands for a Minimum Viable Product that can be used by companies looking for developing software’s or applications with core functionalities.

  • How do we create the right MVP?

    We put in a lot of focus on the research phase to ensure that the MVP developed will have all the core functionalities to help you run your business effectively.

  • What are the necessary information required for creating an MVP?

    In order to create an MVP you must know who your target audience by performing the right market research and having finalized on the core functionalities of your idea.

  • Why is it necessary to develop a Prototype or MVP?

    An MVP or Prototype helps a company grow their business by creating software that have all the core functionalities maximizing the companies’ profits overtime.

  • How does an MVP help companies in the long run?

    MVP systems are highly effective, pocket-friendly and take the least amount of time to be developed due to its basic UI/UX helping save a huge chunk of time and money for companies.

  • How can a website or web-app affect my business?

    Website and web-apps help companies create a virtual copy of their existing business online giving them the freedom to gain more customers and increase their reach online.

  • Can a website or web-app help boost my brand?

    Every brand comes into existence by having a wide majority of audience and the quality of products or services offered. We can help build your presence online using our websites and web-apps.

  • How to create the perfect website or web app?

    In order to create a perfect website or web application you must know who your target audience is and what problem are you going to solve with your website or web app.

  • Difference between website templates and custom websites?

    Website templates are easy to use and require no website development knowledge while custom websites provide additional functionalities and can be easily updated or optimized as per the user.

  • Why should you outsource your website or web app?

    Creating websites and web apps can be a very hectic process depending on the magnitude and complexity of your idea. Thus, you should get your website or web app developed by a company that understands your needs.

  • What are mobile apps?

    Mobile apps are application software’s that are designed to run on a mobile system while providing mobility and other functionalities to the end user.

  • What are the different types of mobile apps?

    Web Apps, Native Apps and Hybrid Apps are the different kinds of mobile applications that are used to create interactive application software’s for mobile devices.

  • What are the different types of mobile application platforms?

    Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows are some of the most commonly used mobile application platforms that help create interactive application software’s for different mobile devices.

  • What is the application development life cycle?

    The application development life cycle comprises of steps like Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Design.

  • Will Baxture help me in the app submission process?

    We at Bature take care of the entire application right from the Planning phase to the App submission phase making sure that you won’t have anything to worry about working with us.

  • How does Baxture secure my application and all the related data?

    The application development life cycle comprises of all the steps like Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Design, these steps are used to develop an application.

  • Will Baxture assist me in making any modifications to the application?

    We believe in maintaining an everlasting relationship with our clients and thus are open to all your post development queries, be it bugs, errors, optimization or modifications.